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In a collaborative project setting, successful relationships between team members are important, and the job of sustaining those relationships often falls to the project manager. Conflict and friction can be part of the creative process, but it’s important that it doesn’t derail the project. Regardless of how challenging certain situations or work may be, it is the project manager’s job to care about the quality of work and the quality of the working environment, keeping an eye on the goals and objectives of the project—both for the client and the design team.

Another way in which the project manager holds the team accountable is through documentation of the design and construction process, which can include tracking budgets, design decisions, change orders and other forms.

As a Project Manager, Mark can help negotiate the multiple relationships within any project—whether with clients, other design team members, and contractors —and function as the hub of a project to ensure a harmonious process and a successful outcome.

Mark creates designs as though each space is a personal statement for those who use them. His purpose is to give each client the peace of mind that a masterful design and attentive service can provide. Mark’s clients know that they can trust him to guide them to the most appropriate response for their current and future needs.

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