Construction Phase

At your request, Mark will continue monitoring the progress of the work as it is under construction, in order to ensure the level of quality, adherence to budget and design intent. Services he offers during the construction phase include: Visit the jobsite regularly to review and record progress of work; Communicate and coordinate with you, the builder and other consultants as necessary to ensure correct interpretation and implementation of the contract documents; Attend GC meetings or site visits as reasonably requested by the client; Participate in teleconference calls; Review and process GC submittals for specified items in all areas of the scope of work; Coordinate changes or revisions to the design based on field conditions; Provide additional millwork and detail drawings on request; Review and approve pay applications from the contractor

Mark creates designs as though each space is a personal statement for those who use them. His purpose is to give each client the peace of mind that a masterful design and attentive service can provide. Mark’s clients know that they can trust him to guide them to the most appropriate response for their current and future needs.

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