Strait Lane

Strait Lane

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Sometimes what is needed is not more square footage, but a more personal style. These homes have a new personality that suits their occupants much better than their previous incarnations, without substantially changing the original footprint. The before and after's can be amazing.



Before: This prime creekside property was tired and needed refreshing, along with some upgrades in finishes befitting the prestigious address.; After: Adding approximately 1500 square feet to the already gracious plan created a enviable master suite on the first floor and additional bedrooms and a play/craft area on the second.


Before: Dated, overgrown and dirty, the entry court did not display the home at its best. After: Upgraded landscaping and refreshed finishes are welcoming for the residents and their guests.


The acres of travertine were simultaneously luxe and oppressive and the cooking area was not showcase worthy. After: A much more inviting and efficient layout for everyday family cooking, with a full catering kitchen beyond for entertaining.

Great Room

Before: Candy painted ceilings and low rooflines did not showcase the beautiful creek view. After: Raised rooflines allowed a vista and better proportions to the grand space while more subtle finishes do not detract from the natural world just outside.

Mark creates designs as though each space is a personal statement for those who use them. His purpose is to give each client the peace of mind that a masterful design and attentive service can provide. Mark’s clients know that they can trust him to guide them to the most appropriate response for their current and future needs.

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